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Why Women Can’t Get On Board With Other Women

Source  |  BY:Beate  Chelette , Self made immigrant


TWO MILLION people read my status update about not mistaking LinkedIn for a dating site. I posted it in response to an encounter I’d had earlier that day.

What happened was I received a valid and reasonable connection request from a prospective client, and I accepted him as a connection. What followed was a short IM exchange that quickly felt more like we met on Ok Cupid. So… You live in LA? Let’s grab coffee sometime.

The best intentions…

Little did I know that my desire to keep things professional on LinkedIn would put me in the eye of the hurricane.

I’ve already posted about the different types of male responders. To recap, there are luckily 80% of men who agree with the simple fact that men need to take responsibility for their actions. And there are the outspoken 20% who sent me obscene anonymous email and accused me of every cliché— from not being “all that” (hot), to wearing provocative clothing (a red dress), to having ulterior motives, to having made up the story, to this being a publicity stunt. The crowd favourite has been, “Why don’t you wear a burka?” 

I expected some of this. The responses I received are exactly what happens when men feel women are ganging up on them to point out “another thing they are doing wrong.”

Those 20% of men certainly seem to buckle under the pressure of these crazy ideas of all-inclusive, diverse, and equal.

As I have explained many times before, some men actually believe women don’t have a right to speak up about their own issues. And when we do, they deny it is a women’s issue and insist men experience it to the same degree, too.


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