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Women crunching numbers like never before

Before they dabble in mutual funds, stocks, shares and e-gold plans, an increasing number of women are opting to take classes and workshops to sharpen their finance funda

Source | | Sanath Prasad

BENGALURU: Who said finance is a man’s domain? As yet another financial year begins, experts find an increasing number of women keenly following the fluctuations of the stock market, the changing gold prices, and the goings-on that could affect their investments. This is in contrast to previous times when they turned to their spouses or fund managers to keep track of assets.   Nisary Mahesh, founder of HerMoneyTalks, a Bengaluru-based finance platform for women, says, “We have conducted 50 webinars for working women and students this year, and the participants are growing in number, with about 300 people attending each session. Our assessment also says that the approach towards financial management is changing and women are more keen than ever to learn about investment plans.” 

Nandita Jaiswal, vice- president, financial planning advisory at Scripbox private wealth, an advisory firm, finds a 40 per cent increase since the pandemic in the participation of women attending finance-related workshops. “Although many women are not making independent decisions, they are actively building their mutual fund portfolios. There are many aspirational women who want to travel, buy a car, or a home which is why they are learning the brass-tacks of investment,” says Jaiswal who also suggests that women should invest in e-gold plans  rather than physical jewellery directly. 

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