What do Women Entrepreneurs Need to Build Successful Careers?

Source | Entrepreneur : By Archanna Das

Women entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important catalyst for economic growth. From a professional standpoint, while they contribute to employment generation, they are also able to render unique business solutions that help in the evolution of society. On the social front, women entrepreneurs not only play a pivotal role in the well-being of their family and communities, they also are a critical element in contributing to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thus, Governments across the world are actively encouraging women entrepreneurs through various schemes, incentives and promotional measures.

However, a recent economic survey shares a few alarming statistics. Though the rise in women entrepreneurship, leadership and talent is an established fact, the numbers at the top are not changing. In India, women make up 42% of new graduates, but only 24% of entry-level professionals. Of these, about 19% reach senior-level management roles. Women hold only 7.7% of board seats and just 2.7% of board chairs. Businesses across sectors have an only a fraction of women leaders.

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