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Women Falling Behind In Leadership And More Big Announcements Fro…

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This week I want to talk about the [IBM/Chief study of women in leadership]( that concludes “the leadership pipeline is broken” and that “given the state of the pipeline, we may NEVER reach gender parity.”

The data is striking so I want to show it to you and try to interpret what’s going on.

Second, I want to update you on the rapid progress in OpenAI’s strategy as they [launch their open API]( for enterprise and developers, and discuss major new announcements coming.

Finally, I want to [describe Systemic HR]( in more detail and give you a real-world example.

Additional Resources

[OpenAI launches an API for ChatGPT, plus dedicated capacity for enterprise customers](

[In 2023, Gender Parity ‘Feels’ Close — But Research Shows We Are Farther Than Ever Before](

[Redesigning HR: An Operating System, Not An Operating Model.](

[The Unbelievable, Critical, Never-Ending Role Of Culture In Business](


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