Women on Board

By | Ramesh Ranjan 

A book review of WOMEN ON BOARD by Deepa Nagarajan

Deepa has extensively researched successful Leaders and blended Indian Philosophies (Bhagavad Gita & the Veda’s) with the Western Philosophies .

She has very nicely summed up the various Leadership Styles, Qualities & Traits to be a successful “Leader in Totality”. She describes what it takes to develop a Sucessful Mindset  by studying a breadth of successful leaders and particularly liked about Sustainability – “not about winning all the time but learning to let go & accepting success & failures as part of the success journey” which is a rarity in today’s competitive world but an absolute Trait that successful leaders have exhibited over course of time.

The book also brings out the Secrets of Self Transformation using Social Intelligence & Personality Balance. It also provides unique approaches of some of the Women Leaders and how Circular Vision helps in developing a well-rounded Leader.

Deepa questions whether – Traits have a Gender? and points out that “women who were not limited by their gender at work were more likely to have healthier workplace relationships with each other than those who were”. However she is able to notice that Women tend to be more Service oriented.

Being a working women herself, Deepa confesses that being a woman “ it is never easy in the corporate race”. There is a huge demand for Worklife balance and highlights how gracefully a Women is able to transition her role from a Home-Maker to a Corporate Women and the Strengths Women bring to the Table (Dining Room to Board Room).

Through this book Deepa is able to help women who are obstructed in their careers to find ways to flow around it and be a successful Women Leader.  It is a must-read, not only for the lessons it provides but also for the intimate accounts it offers of successful leaders and will inspire many a women to pursue their Career Dreams.

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Ramesh Ranjan

Founder & Editor www.humanengineers.com, Content Curation Partner – Nasscom- IIMB Leadership Resource Centre, Vice President-NHRD Bangalore, ex VP-HR, Schneider Electric India

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