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Women Returnees: 5 Practical Tips For Your Resume Updation

By | Harshad Mhapankar |

Don’t worry about the career gap after your career break 

The hiring stigma over career gaps still exists after the pandemic. Recruiters are looking for candidates who have upgraded their skills.

Have you kept yourself updated during the break ? This is what employers are looking for. You need to be honest and upfront about your career gap, period. 

Check out these useful courses to update your skills.

Emphasize your accomplishments, not only your responsibilities

List out your practical work experience like:

  • The problems you solved for the company
  • Systems you implemented for efficiency
  • Results, your ideas brought to the table
  • If your suggestions helped the company in increasing revenue or saving money
  • Executed any task or project with good results

Your accomplishments showcase your X-factor to the recruiters. Stand out with yours!

Quantify your results

We live in an era of data, it’s an impressive practice to showcase your achievements in the form of data. 

  • Charts, 
  • Tables, 
  • Bars, 
  • Graphs etc.

Choose one form of data for eg. bars and follow that, don’t include all at once. This gives an easy and quick scan of your potential as a candidate.

Make sure your resume is visually appealing

Clarity on a resume is what helps most candidates get the job. Keep this checklist in mind

  • Choose a layout which highlights your achievements
  • Make sure to put an objective statement at the top of the resume
  • Make space for your contact info & photo
  • Check for contact info to be clear and readable
  • List your job experiences first
  • Keep it clean, clutter-free
  • Check that the font size & alignment are consistent 
  • Proof-read & keep it error-free

Stay relevant to the jobs

Stay relevant before applying to a specific job. Update your descriptions as per the job you are applying for. Share relevant experience and skills as per the position you are applying for. 

Also, try to stay in touch with former colleagues and employers as you may need to provide a few references.


  • Stay relevant
  • Be upfront
  • Mention your career gap as a “sabbatical”
  • Upgrade yourself
  • Highlight your achievements & keep your resume crystal clear.

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