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Women Who Changed the Automotive Industry

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Currently, there are still many industries that vastly underrepresent women, especially those closely tied to STEM-related fields. One of those industries is automotive. Women hold the majority of clerical positions but in other roles like those in engineering or design departments, and C-suite level positions, women make up single digit percentages. 

With that in mind and inspired by Women’s History Month, CarRentals recently published a timeline celebrating women in automotive history to highlight the major impacts women have made in the industry. From rebel business women and investors like Bertha Benz to the current CEO of General Motors, the timeline reflects the importance of increasing female leadership in male-dominated industries. 

The timeline lists several revolutionary female engineers. Read about Margaret A. Wilcox who came up with the idea of the first car heater or Florence Lawrence who invented turn signals by creating a flag device to signal other cars when she was about to make a stop or make a turn. Sharing and shining a spotlight on female engineers who have paved the way in any industry is a great way to encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM. From the creativity and tenacity of these women, it’s easy to see why having more female engineers is essential.

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