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Work All the Time You Work

Source | LinkedIn : By Brian Tracy

Here, then, is the rule: Work all the time you work. When you go to work, work. Do not play with your friends, check your e-mail every five minutes, read the newspaper, or take care of personal business. Work all the time you work. If you are really serious about getting results, start a little earlier. Work a little harder during the day. Stay a little later. Pick up the pace. Move faster. Keep focused on your most important tasks. Don’t waste time.

If someone wants to talk with you, you say, “I’d love to talk to you, but right now I have to get back to work”

This shuts most people down immediately. How can they stop you from getting “back to work”? Tell them that you would be delighted to talk to them after work or on the weekend. Meanwhile, your personal mantra is “Back to work! Back to work! Back to work!”

Your goal, only known to you, is to develop the reputation for being the hardest-working person in your company.

Work all the time you work.

When Are You Working?

Many people think that because they are at work, they are actually working. But you are only working when you are starting and completing important tasks. You are only working when you are getting results that your company wants and needs to generate revenues and create value. Top people spend more and more time doing things of higher value. Average people spend much or most of their time on activities of lower value or no value at all.

All teaching, books, and courses on time management come down to helping you ask and answer the question, “What is the most valuable use of my time right now?” Your ability to ask and answer this question accurately, and then to do exactly what is the most valuable use of your time, determines your success in your career as much as or more than any other single factor.

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