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Does Work Balance Life?

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It was in 2012, a week after my mother-in-law’s demise. I was meeting one of our board advisors in Mumbai. On being asked about my wife, I said she’s back to work and has occupied herself fully at her start-up. My advisor reminded me of the prime virtue of work life – it allows you to triumph adversities. In an otherwise fragile, constantly changing world, work is often the only constant, stabilizer in your life and has the power to distract you more than anything else.

There are days when you feel on top of the world, and there are days when you feel that you don’t deserve this shit. Sometimes you are at the receiving end – your relationships with your spouse or kids is going through a rough patch, your boss or investor has said something that added to your discomfort, there’s somebody in the family going through ill health or tough times and that’s bothering you. And sometimes you put somebody else at the receiving end – you hurt somebody, you put someone off, or you make a mistake.

In either case, the only technique that I have found to work for me is to distract myself with more work. Clear emails, go for customer meetings, expedite pending projects; basically pack your schedule with lots and lots of work.


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