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Work Culture Difference: Boon or Bane

Source | Linkedin | Uma Srinivasan | Head – Talent Acquisition & TM at Larsen & Toubro (Office of CEO & MD)

Home-grown Organization vs. MNC

Having had over 24 years of interesting journey in the corporate world across multiple organizations of varying size, I can confidently say that the work culture differences between a home-grown organizations vis-à-vis Multi-national is as good as ‘Chalk and Cheese’. I am not trying to say that one is better than the other. For someone to thrive and succeed in any of these two eco-systems, the set of competencies that we need to possess is also hugely different. Almost 18 years back I had joined a home-grown SME which over a span of next 10 years meta-morphed into a Multi-national and ironically from the original employee base of over 1500, less than 2% of that lot were able to have a seamlessly transition to the Multi-national phase of the organization. Though at a superficial level one may believe that right-sizing, voluntary attrition, non-performance etc could be the reason for this, and the actual reasons lie deep and needs a lot of prodding. The “Culture Change” (or Shock!!) lies in the heart of this transition. So, how to thrive in different cultures? What are the big differences?  To begin with, one needs to have an open mind to adapt to the change.  Willingness to do some amount of unlearning is critical – what they call as ‘Empty your Cup’ to adapt themselves to the other world’s work culture. Each set of cultures have their own strengths and pitfalls. In order to peel the layers and present it in palatable manner, I have drawn-up this comparison chart. 

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