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The measure of intelligence is the ability to change – Albert Einstein.

People gain perspective with experience. You cannot, for the life of you, explain an ‘adrenaline rush’ to anyone who has not had that experience. Similarly, you cannot explain ‘commuting frustration’ to someone who can walk to the workplace in five minutes. However, this lockdown has given new perspectives to people across strata, be it the blue-collar shop floor worker or the high-flying executive closing million-dollar deals. For most people, the word ‘lockdown’ is a new addition to their everyday vocabulary.

As someone who has been in the industry since its early days, I can go on waxing eloquent about how perspectives can drive business and revenue. But it is also true that the lack of a relevant perspective can cause a dramatic downfall sooner or later. Indeed, in an ever-changing world, the rigidity of idea or practices is the ticket to extinction. This is especially true for digital transformation in the business landscape. I recently received a WhatsApp forward that was ironic, but on-point. It was a humorous image asking Who is the current, key driver of digital transformation for organizations. The options were the CEO, CTO and COVID-19. Any guesses?

The technology sector has traditionally resisted large-scale work from home even though much of their work can be done from the confines of one’s house. This pandemic has caught them by surprise and effected a system shock. Most tech leadership conversations, after the larger organizational decree of mass WFH, was about planning how to get the employees mobile by renting or purchasing laptops.

But as the dust settles in the aftermath of the crisis and people begin to venture out of their homes, we are seeing the rise of what I like to call “WFX” or work-from-anywhere.

This blog will talk about the advantages of moving to a WFX model, challenges associated with WFX and the Way Forward.

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