Work From Home Beats Unemployment

[ad_1] Whether you are a victim of corporate downsizing, suffering from a disability or you got fired, there are opportunities online that can change your life. With Corporate mergers, acquisitions and layoffs on the rise, many employees are looking at sudden unemployment as an opportunity to work from home by starting their own business.

Starting a home based business may serve as the modern day alternative to sudden unemployment. This is a bold strategy that can provide a financial bridge across the chasm of limited funds. Some families suffer financially because of the small payments from unemployment.

However, the savvy displaced worker may choose to work for home for themselves. Self employment eliminates the constant fear of not having a job. When corporations change ownership, or the company stock prices drop, the employees of the corporate entity are considered expensive baggage. In may instances, laying off a large number of workers is seen as a positive strategy by shareholders and Wall Street.

The company is designed to produce value for the shareholders first. Employees are sometimes viewed as a disposable commodity. The major consideration of corporations is the bottom line profit margins that are critical to the future of the company.

When individuals are forced into unemployment, they can take two roads.

Some individuals view this unfortunate state of affairs as temporary and

begin sending out resume trying to find the next company that may also

dump them.

The second road less travelled is to seize the opportunity to make a permanent

change to the status quo of their lives and start a home based business.

A case of Corporate downsizing that affected an entire community is

the story of Hewlett Packard. Hewlett packard fired or reassigned over 18,000 of

its employees when the company purchased Compaq computers. Many of these employees were long term loyal individuals who intended to retire

from the company.

Another company that devastated its…

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