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Work from Home is Not Healthy Work-Life Balance

By | Vini A

Working from home has long been a fantasy for many individuals. For some, it is still a very appealing alternative. If you give a remote job to an introvert or a slacker, they’ll almost always take it with both hands. No surprise, given the numerous advantages it offers: reduced transportation costs and time, more time for self-care and family, improved productivity (at least at first, more on this later), freedom, flexibility, job portals helping in switching jobs, and control over your work – the list goes on and on.

While working from home may appear to be all glitter and gold at first (as it was for me), you will quickly find that it is overrated. The benefits that made it a viable agreement at first would be the ones that would come back to haunt you after a while.

To put it bluntly, work from home jobs are tedious. It leads to a monotonous existence. It’s difficult for those who don’t work from home to comprehend your situation. Returning home and watching a TV show is the greatest way to conclude the day for office workers, whereas remote workers only want to go out after spending the majority of the day at home.

Work-Life Balance is in jeopardy

It may take some time (maybe months) to discover this, but working from home will almost surely result in a twisted work-life balance at some point. Because the freedom of working from home might distract you and contribute to procrastination, it is easy to lose track of your working hours. The power of independence that comes with working from home might make you lazier than before, and you’ll soon find yourself binge-watching TV shows and movies or doing other chores during work hours. There’s a reason office hours are set – to keep you focused on the job at hand.

Working from home also causes laziness. It does not necessitate dressing up like you would for work. After a while, being in your pyjamas becomes the norm. Work out and exercise is very important for anyone but working from home, People don’t even move from one place whole day getting their backs to bend.

Work and Home Life Separation

Working from home is not the dream come true that it is portrayed to be. It can be detrimental to your mental health. A journey home from work allows you to psychologically disconnect from the difficulties that your job may generate. When you work from home, that transition disappears, and the barrier between work and home life blurs. In other words, it’s difficult to leave work at work when your office is just down the hall from your sleep.

Decreased Social Life, Loneliness, and Depression

While working from home eliminates distractions from co-workers, team outings, and socialization that happens at offices, it can lead to isolation. it might be difficult for your social life. When you spend eight hours a day indoors with little to no human connection, you will undoubtedly begin to feel alone. Work from home jobs automatically means missing out on office friendships, which make work-life much more pleasurable. Communication is so important for exchanging ideas and staying informed about what’s going on in your community. Working with co-workers in the office can surely provide you with additional insights and better equip you with the newest trends in your sector of work. Trends like switching jobs through job portals, new platforms to get on to move with the world.

Dealing with depression and dealing with low phases might be difficult when you work from home. With depression comes the impulse to avoid social interactions and things that you formerly enjoyed. Isolation sets in when you’re completely alone. Attempting to maintain social relationships becomes even more challenging. This isn’t the case when you work from an office, because you have co-workers around you to talk and gossip with, which is an unavoidable part of the routine.


It’s crucial to understand that working from home full-time isn’t as simple as it appears, and it comes with its own set of obstacles. Also, self-discipline isn’t for everyone. This is a harmful and deceptive mentality that encourages apathy and sloth, as well as a working lifestyle that makes it difficult to distinguish between ‘personal life’ and ‘work-life’. 

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