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Work-Life Balance: Madiha Ahmed on What Makes a Superwoman

By | Namrata Harish |

“Working moms often worry about work-life balance. But they find that their professional lives are not very different from their personal lives. They overlap, and the sooner we find a way to deal with it, the better.”

Madiha Ahmed, Founder and Director, Madiha Ahmed OPC Pvt. Ltd,  begins her Expert Chat on How to Balance Work and Home as a Woman with this solid piece of advice. 

A parent, youth mentor and a teacher trainer, Madiha works with a startup by IIT-Bombay and IIM-Bangalore alumni called Whitehat Junior, where she teaches coding to kids at the intermediate level.

She is also a mentor on JobsForHer and helps countless women find their career inspiration.

In this Expert Chat, Madiha speaks about the juggling act that many working mothers face when they have to deal with work-life balance.

“I deal with challenges while working in different domains and with different age groups daily. So, I’ve learned to see life as a juggling act. Sometimes I focus on the ball, sometimes on the act of juggling itself, and often on how to make my act better,” Madiha says.

She gives her take on how to make this metaphorical act of juggling as smooth as possible.

An important point that Madiha makes is for women not to consider themselves to be superwomen.

We often think of a superwoman as someone who has to get it all right in the first shot, have everything perfectly balanced and not struggle through anything in life.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Using examples, Madiha explains that the way to solve this dilemma is to understand the difference between being approachable and being accessible.

“The mistake most women make is to think that they always have to be connected, whether it is with colleagues or even at home. Instead, we should focus on small moments of connection and making the most of them,” Madiha says.

Watch Madiha offer more nuggets of valuable information on maintaining a healthy work-life balance in this Expert Chat video.

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