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How I Work Remotely When I’m The Only Team Member In My Time Zone

Source |  |  BY:Michael Eckstein – Buffer

A remote employee shares tips for setting boundaries and communicating clearly with colleagues–even if they’re halfway around the world.


I recently had a video call with my company’s director of people. She asked me, “How is it feeling working in your time zone?”

That might seem like a rather odd question, but the reason why she asked is because right now, I’m the only person in Australia working in a company of 70 odd people spanning 12 different time zones.


I shifted roles this year so I don’t do nearly as much product research these days. However, I remember the challenges of remote research well. From brainstorming what we wanted to learn, to designing research questions and methods, to debriefing – it’s all stuff that involves multiple stakeholders –which means a lot of asynchronous chinwagging or early morning video calls in trackies with bed hair.


The cadence of my day would often be dictated by who I was working most closely with. If it was a product designer in Europe, I’d often work 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. and then 6 p.m .– 9 p.m. If it was a product manager in the U.S., I’d work 7 a.m. –4 p.m. I trained myself to be flexible and find new work rhythms.

The fun part? Having time in the middle of the day to go for swims, or meet friends for a bite to eat. Or nap.


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