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Worker Interrupted: Survey finds work-related interruptions the worst

By | Kristen Klepac

As discussions about the workplace evolve and shift, leaders across industries wrestle with the question of whether to send their employees and teams back to the office, allow them to stay at home, or opt for a split between the two. 

A recent workplace distraction survey of US-based respondents found that the largest proportion of respondents indicated workplace interruptions are getting in the way of their work. 

This may indicate to leaders that for many workers, going back to in-office work isn’t the best option for optimal productivity.

The option “workplace interruptions” includes work-related distractions such as chatty coworkers, meetings, and noises. 25% of respondents indicated this is an issue for them when they are trying to get work done.

The study comes from, who wanted to know whether games play a role in distracting us when we are on the clock. In fact, games were the second most common problem (phone or computer-based) and were problematic for 23.4% of respondents. Males found games most distracting while females reported that kids/pets were the most distracting.

Read more about the findings in the full report here: Workplace Distractions Survey: What distracts us most when we are on the clock?

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