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Workforce Analytics Tools to Improve Talent Management

Source | | Marianne Chrisos

Tools to help benefit your talent management.

Find out which analytics tools can improve your talent management.

Believe it or not, your workforce is probably your company’s biggest expense. With salary, insurance, benefits, PTO, and hours put into hiring, training, and employee relations, it can make up a large amount of money. It makes sense, then, to invest in the correct management tools for an asset this important to your company and its bottom line.

How HR Workforce Analytics Tools Benefit Businesses

HR analytics tools help to provide data for companies to use, specifically in the areas of making decisions about HR strategy. Some areas that workforce analytics can help to support are:

Talent Acquisition: Workforce analytics tools help HR make good decisions from the very beginning. Resumes can be analyzed for anything from keywords to longevity at a company or position to education to skills and hobbies, all helping to find the best fit for a role.

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