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Working While Learning: Does the Past Signal the Future?

Source |Youtube .com  |  BY:Parminder K Jassal, Ph.D

There seems to be general consensus among most education and economic experts that a different approach to learning is needed – an approach that guarantees successful student performance in work and life, rather than simply “knowledge gathering.” There is also agreement that new learning models should enhance the performance of our students in such a way that they can apply those learnings to working and living.   Maybe we should look back to the past to help us prepare for the future of learning and working?  Let’s do just that.

In the recent past, gathering knowledge was a big part of our lives and a defined activity. You would go to school to get knowledge, then use that knowledge to sell yourself to the highest bidder. That’s the job you’d end up with.  In the last couple of decades, we’ve witnessed a transition where the value placed on gathering knowledge isn’t as compelling as how well you use that knowledge to drive performance. 

All around us today, we see signals that point to the growing value society places on performance. Witness the growth of platforms like Trip Advisor for rating hotels and attractions, or Yelp for rating restaurants, or Amazon’s rating systems for both products and retailers. These signals turn our attention to measures of performance, often displacing historical markers of brand and trust in where that knowledge came from.



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