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Working Moms: We’ve Got This!

Source | LinkedIn | Divyapriya N | Program Manager – RPO (Recruitment)

“Someone said to me the other day, ‘You look so nice today, what did you do?’ I told her it is the first time in weeks that I didn’t put my make-up on in the car”

A mother of two, that is what I keep proclaiming about myself. 🙂 Why? It is often said that Man’s work ends at sunset. Women’s work is never done. We working mothers stress not only on deadlines in office but also on what to cook for dinner. Mothers may work in an office from nine to five, but their work does not end at the office. After working an eight-hour day, a mother will come home to take care of her children, and family. Women remain the primary caretaker and housekeepers. Yet, many of us dive into a tireless pursuit of being a great employee and a great mother. 

Many of us set expectations for ourselves and devise plans. We try hard to check off each box on our list, sometimes twice. It’s the pounds your baby is (hopefully) gaining. It’s the hours your baby is sleeping through the night. It’s the improvement in your toddler’s eating habits and his activities. It’s the health and well being of your children. Motherhood is constant, demanding and exhausting. 

Yet, for many career-driven women, including myself, while we know the need to be attentive about our families, we still take on the extra assignment at work to show that we could work overtime. I love working. And I am great at my job. I truly believe that you can love your work and love your family. It doesn’t have to be either/or. 

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