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Working parents in the best place Working companies have a good manager who cares about them!

By | Nicolas BEHBAHANI | Global People Analytics Leader @ Future of Work with HR KPIs expertise

💡Working parents were more likely to thrive when generous benefits and leave policies were matched with another key ingredient: having a great manager.

☝️ Offering remote/hybrid work is no longer a criterion for becoming a great place to work in 2023, as almost all companies offer this benefit.

📣 When managers keep their word, employees are more likely to thrive. When managers deliver on promises, there is a statistically significant increase in workplace agility and overall well-being for parents.

Having a good manager also increases the likelihood working parents will give extra effort on their work as well as the likelihood they believe their work is meaningful.

Having a great manager increased the likelihood for working parents to thrive at work, according to a new interesting research published by Great Place To Work US using data 📊 from more than 612,000 employees with parenting duties.

✅Paternity and maternity leave are a one of top benefits

Top and bottom 100 companies

Researchers discovered that for the top 100, companies average 78 paid days of maternity leave and 60 paid days of paternity leave. At the bottom 100 companies, employers offered half that average: 40 days paid for moms and 30 days paid for dads.

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