Workplace Bullying and Rape

[ad_1] Workplace bullying is more prevalent in today's workplace than at any time in the past. It is essentially a violation of the individual, and akin to rape in its effects. Both exhibit an abuse of power over an individual (s), resulting in trauma and even psychiatric injury. Both genders may experience it, and as many males as females have been targeted.

A very powerful metaphor comes to mind that is helpful in crystallizing your thinking on what workplace bullying does. The powerful and disturbing concept of 'rape' comes to mind, with all the horrendous emotions associated with that kind of personal violation. Rape is essentially about the 'abuse of power' and only secondarily about intrusive sexual attack. What is done to the victim is nothing less than barefaced rape! This takes two distinct but related forms; there is 'date rape' where the target meets with his / her attackers, only to be subjected to strangling emotional abuse by people with a vested interest in destroying the target. Demands are made to violate conscience in which the victim is told that without s / he did so, the consequences would be terrible. These people see themselves as possessing "the power of life or death" over collections. So the rape goes on, time after insufferable time.

Allied to this is the idea of ​​'gang rape' to which some victims are subjected, with key players 'doing the job,' and the onlookers enjoying and supporting what they were witnessing. This is excruciatingly painful, especially because these were teams with whome the target works, people who are trusted. After such a savage experience, it is difficult, if not impossible, to trust people again. 'Gang rape,' as one would imagine, contains the multiplying effect of rape by a single person, and when one finishes and gains his moments of pleasure, others are lining up to gain personal gratification as they continue the psychological torture.

Then there are the bystanders who see what is going…

Sourced from by JE Hazlett Lynch

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