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Workplace Wellness Survey 2017 Results – What do Employees Expect?

Source | | Supriya Nigam

Today, the workplace wellness programs are growing up, and it is beginning to appear more inviting, fresh – and from the perspective of all concerned. CareerBuilder India took a small initiative and conducted a survey on “Creating a Culture of Wellness.” The collected responses are depicted in the form of an infographic below.

While the idea of a subsidised gym membership or Yoga classes at the office is becoming more conventional, with it comes the recognition that these “attempts” are not in full swing yet.

According, to the survey,

“There is 58 percent of organisations that does not offer any wellness programs to their employees.”
In this new phase, we are making a transition into a “culture of wellness” where employees seem more enthusiastic towards their health instead of their employers.

“Nearly 42 percent employees agreed that they make a conscious effort to invest the time needed to take care of themselves.”
Incentivizing the participation
A significant number of employees agreed that they would actively participate in workplace wellness programs if their employer offer incentives. These motivations include gift vouchers, cash, free merchandise and time off.

Even employees also suggested some great ideas for workplace wellness initiatives including, wellness app (for internal use), fitness club and wellness spa within office premises, counselling & motivational session, stress management and nutrition programs, etc.

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Alternatively, organisations can also focus on their existing health benefit policies that can be sculpted to the needs of individuals and their families. A more flexible approach to maternity leave, paid time-off, on-site childcare facilities are some of the few suggested initiatives that can pay off in greater employee contentment.

As an employer, you have the resources and the power to support your staff get moving. The following infographic reveals some interesting perspective of employees on Workplace Wellness Programs. It will help you create sustainable wellness initiatives leading to increased employees productivity.

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