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World’s top-performing CEOs demonstrate remarkable longevity

The average tenure for CEOs who ranked within the top 10 was 15.9 years

By | Marlena Batchelor |

Some of the longest-serving CEOs like Warren Buffett – whose tenure with Berkshire Hathaway spans almost 52 years – have remained in their roles for an average of 33 years. A handful of these CEOs are also recognised as some of the most influential leaders.

In the financial sector, where duration is linked to greater stock returns, CEOs generally remain in their roles for longer. However, does the same hold true for other sectors? And when are the best value-creating years for a CEO?

One of the difficulties in determining this is that no journey is ever straightforward. Performance can fluctuate over time, making it even harder for boards to determine at what point it’s necessary for a leader to step back.

Research undertaken by consulting firm Spencer Stuart and published in Harvard Business Review suggests that some of the most fruitful years for CEOs is between 10–15 years, otherwise known as the Golden Years.

This was a key finding in Brand Finance’s ‘Brand Guardianship Index 2022’, where the average duration for the top 10 CEOs was 15.9 years.

The recent report reflects the work of more than 1,000 market analysts and journalists, who analysed the abilities of CEOs to build sustainable business value and their performance during their tenure. The Index lists the top 250 leaders, where the average duration is 7.6 years – half that of the top 10 cohort.

Why longevity matters

best ceos

A ‘collaborative diplomat’ is a term that describes the purpose of a CEO as someone who balances the needs of multiple parties: stakeholders, employees, investors and greater society.

David Haigh, CEO and Chair at UK-based Brand Finance, explains how the CEO is ultimately responsible for “creating consensus and winning hearts and minds to achieve the impossible”.

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