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Worried in Lock-out?

By | Narendra Ambwani | Helping CEO/CXO Excel

How to be positive and productive during Covid-19 lock-down

How to be Positive and Productive during Covid-19 Lock- Down

A lock-down is once in a lifetime crisis for all. Here are few suggestions and ideas to keep you positive and productive. Please share your own thoughts to help others in this challenging situation.

·      Look for an opportunity in the adversity: when did you last sit at home for so many days. Not since school summer holidays, I guess? But we all did enjoy those long childhood vacations, so why not now? May be always were positively looking forward to those school holidays? You can do so many things if you view these days as special holidays . Things which were kept pending because you had no time- spring cleaning, filing, mails or reading, pending for want of time, helping your spouse, playing board games with children or elderly, calling friends you always wanted to be in touch but had no time? It’s all in your mind- these days are an adversity or an opportunity!

·      Create a new routine: many of us had a well set routine for the day. Suddenly that has been disrupted. That may be a cause of tension? Set a new routine. Walk or run or yoga in morning, office work from home, exercise again in evening, catch up reading books you had planned to read, socializing on phone, WA or zoom video, watching TV, entertainment at night, 8- hour sleep which longed for, etc. Fix a new routine and get comfortable with same, you will start enjoying it as much as the routine you had followed for so many years.

·      Gratefulness: look at your luck if you are at home or any secure place, so many are still finding a way to home or looking for food or stay! so many stuck in different locations with flights and trains shut down. Are you not grateful that internet is working and technologies allow you to work from home and attend video conferences etc. How many choice do we have today on OTT – Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc…? Incredible variety. And finally you are still alive and no symptoms! Live the moment and make its best use.

·      Help Others: play a positive role to help your neighbours, your community is whatever way you can. Provide food to your security watchmen,maids. Shop medicines or supplies for the elderly. Every small act of kindness brings real joy and happiness.

·      Have faith and avoid false WA advice: trust guidance of medical community and your government. Follow correct social distance and hygiene practices. Do not believe in all other unproven WA advices. Watch less of news on Covid-19 and what happened in other countries. Just because it exploded in some other places, does not mean that we in India will be affected in same manner. Every situation is different and virus has no uniform impact on every community or region. It depends on many factors including behaviour of individuals and leaders.

All crisis including world wars end. This shall also pass! Have faith!

Republished with permission and originally published at Narendra Ambwani’s LinkedIn

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