Would we dare to dream of a Future of India

By | Ramesh Ranjan | Editor www.humanengineers.com

Look at how Singapore Leaders are working towards building a super connected Smart City Singapore in 50 yrs. They are covering every aspect of urban planning ie. homes, transportation, energy, food supply chain, water managment, farming, healthcare, digital environment, geriatrics, economic development, education, super connected smart cities, automation etc, They are building a sustainable city and probably the best city to live and ahead of the pack.

Look at our lndian Leaders – what are they debating/ focussed on – building temples, statues, entry to temples, gotras, caste based reservations, gau rakshak, ghar wapsi, tu tu mai in corruption, destroying all Institutions and furthering the dynasties of a select few politicians…….

Either it is a case of dearth of leadership or truly represents that the Politicians / Leaders are nothing but a reflection of the People of India.……. or reaffirming that Democracy is about – Of the People, By the People & for the People.

Would we or our children live to see an India any where near Singapore…. I dare to dream

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