HR in the New Reality

We are excited to announce that a global virtual  conference #WGC with experts in HR from 4 continents will take place on December 10. The most impactful experts from the USA, Malaysia, Australia and the UK will discuss the most effective strategies and skills which leaders in HR need in a new reality. They will share new insights and approaches which are necessary and impactful in our disruptive world.

WOWHR Global Conference

We invite you to join WOWHR GLOBAL CONFERENCE to:

  • Learn from the top HR trendsetters with a global vision
  • Become aware of new skills which leaders in HR will need in the future
  • Find out new trends on a global labour market
  • Learn about leadership, well-being, cultural, mental health, and digital transformation
  • Study on real business cases from all over the world
  • Get up-to-date tools to adapt to new business conditions and set up a 2021 strategy

6 BEST GLOBAL SPEAKERS, THE MOST VALUABLE HR CONTENT, 500 PARTICIPANTS are waiting for YOU! Don’t miss your chance to become a part of  WOWHR GLOBAL CONFERENCE: https://clck.ru/Rx2KP


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