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Yes! Our Education System is Outdated! So, What?

By | Deepak Murugaian | Making Tools for empowering “Teaching As A Business” providers to run successful online business empires!

“Our education system is Outdated” ,”We need more IITs and IIMs”, “Engineering Graduates are not employable”

We have been hearing these kinds of phrases a lot from people around us for a few decades now but nothing has significantly changed. Then, how do you think a country like India, which has1.3 billion people, with 50 percent of its population below 25 years of age, would have survived this broken system? Have you given a thought about it? We have, and a five-year journey helped us to discover the answer too. 

I founded TeachEdison in 2015 with Neeraj and Siva. All of us were leading comfortable lives. Thanks to our Alma Mater, which helped us procure jobs from campuses. But, something was missing, typical schedules and the lack of satisfaction. I had a great admiration for MOOCs and strongly believed online education is going to disrupt the industry. Rather than witnessing, I wanted to be a part of it, use the opportunity to create a more significant impact in the space, when shared it with my Co-Founders, they were equally excited. We kickstarted our journey of solving the quality education problem. TeachEdison’s goal is to make quality education accessible by connecting the best teachers with learners. We took the online curated marketplace route, but the progress was slow and capital intensive.

While pondering over how we could create a faster impact, we met a training business owner in late 2017. A reluctant meeting turned out promising when the director of the training company invited us to collaborate with him and solve his business problems with Technology.

“The Biggest realization – From the kindergarten age till our employment, one thing has never changed – Tuitions”

As we started approaching more Traning As A Business Owners, the issues were similar. We quickly pivoted and began consulting for this market. As we got deeper, we understood that the individual tutors and private academies market play a very crucial function (Comparable to the position of the informal sector in the Indian economy) in the education market.  The Biggest realization – From the kindergarten age till our employment, one thing has never changed – TuitionsWe all go to schools, colleges as a part of the system, but the actual learning happened outside the system. Be it school exams, competitive exams, entrance tests, even after our engineering; there are a whole lot of people relying on private coaching centers for bridging the gap between academics and industries.

The four years of formal education wouldn’t have given a job, but a 4-month training in Ameerpet of Hyderabad or BTM Layout of Bangalore would definitely help one with landing a job.

“We decided to empower the millions of subject experts, tutors, training institutes with Technology.”

There are multiple approaches to solving the problem of the poor education system. While a few EdTech companies took it upon themselves to solve this by providing online Apps with digital content and virtual tutoring, TeachEdison took an alternative approach. We decided to empower the millions of subject experts, tutors, training institutes with Technology. By providing them with the right set of tools to have their own Website, App, CRM, Marketing Automation, Learning Management System, Operations, and all the other tools, one needs to set up a successful Online Training Business.

We aspire to empower millions of teachers who, in turn, can impact billions of people’s lives. It’s better to teach a man how to fish than feed him for a day.

Republished with permission and originally published at Deepak Murugaian’s LinkedIn

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