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You are what Colours Influence You to be

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Colours in life are strongly associated with human psychology. Each colour communicates. It has a strong linkage to ones behaviours and experiences. Unconscious to you, each time you were punished by your teacher or rewarded, the predominant colours they were wearing leaves an impression in your psychological associations with those colour shades.

Thus , in a way, it subtly triggers certain reactions and behaviours when you come across, face to face with those colours.

Whilst each colour has a special meaning to each individual, in generality, they have a common collective reference too depending on the use of certain colours in impressable cultural artefacts and customs.

Particularly, in ‘Dream Analysis’, colour recall has a huge implication on interpretation of dreams. For the uninitiated, ‘Dream Analysis’ has more to do with Psycho-analysis (based on deep doctrines of Freud & Jung) then with coffee-party mystics & party entertainers .

Curious to know what colours generally represent psychologically ? It is like this, read on ….

Red..stimulating, hot, passionate, menacing, dangerous. You can well imagine the triggers and association of ‘red’ with these behavioural values.

Yellow…warm, shinning, bright, happy, mellow. At times, pale yellow also represents something that is unwell, pale or sickly.

Blue…cool, pure, clean, cold and opperessive

Orange … cheerful, warm, dingy, dominant, powerful, attention seeking

Green … calm, peaceful, natural, fresh, restorative, cold, fruitful

Purple … rich, sophisticated, spiritual, sombre

Pink … soft, soothing, feminine, romantic, fun, sugary, at the palest end -sickly

Gold … expensive, premium, prestigious, mello, decorative, brash

Silver … cool, sharp, rustic, sophisticated, base, cold.

White … pure, clean, light, cold, fresh, new, beginning, wise

Black … dark, smart, sophisticated, sharp, dramatic, elegant sophisticated , devils & depressing. No options, no solutions are often reflected in black darker imagery so is black-comedy !

Colours have personal ‘triggering’ implications. Your relationships, behaviours, sudden anger & sudden mood swings….all in some way is influenced by triggers colours around.

To know yourself well – know influence of colours on you. Learn to use colours to your advantage. In unknown territories, imitation is better. With an unknown powerful negotiator, imitate the colours he generally wears

Good luck to your success in a colour influenced world. Now you know why most candidates in interviews wear white shirts and dark blue jackets – sharp, clean and cool is their statement. Safe option to a large extent in an unknown mileu.

This post is certainly not sponsored by Asian Paints or Colour Plus Channel or Camlin Colurs!!!

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