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“You Are Your Own Best Advocate:” Advice From a Squarespace Manager Who Pitched Her Own Promotion

By | The Muse Editors |

Danit Abaud-Perez doesn’t normally follow astrology, but she couldn’t help but find a deeper meaning in the position of the planets when she was hired at Squarespace in 2013.

“The year I joined Squarespace was also the year of my Saturn Return, when the planet is in the same position as the year you’re born,” she says. “It’s a time of big changes in one’s life—and it sure was for me. I’d had a number of jobs that didn’t work out, and was losing hope that I would find the ideal role.”

But she did, when she was hired as a customer care advisor at Squarespace. Almost a decade (and many promotions) later, Abaud-Perez now oversees the account management team, which she pitched and built from scratch at Squarespace to help support enterprise customers.

Here, Abaud-Perez talks about how she’s propelled her own growth at the company, finding community within Somos, the Latinx employee resource group, and why you’re better off in your career when you stop trying to please everyone.

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