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You call yourself a leader but where’s your proof?

Source | Linkedin | Dave Buzanko | Self-Motivation Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Author

Do as I say, not as I do has been the mantra of management for decades. Companies are finally understanding that in order to develop a healthy company culture and profit, they need to develop strong leaders who can engage people, not just manage process.

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“The only thing all great leader have in common are people who willingly follow them” – Simon Sinek

Would you pick up someone elses trash?

What you do when no one else is watching (or so you think) says a lot about a person’s true character and who they are as a leader. Early in my career, I had a manager named Sean. Sean was much like every other manager. He developed good rapport with his direct reports, he managed process well, was proactive with his communication and people liked working with him. That being said, you can be a nice guy and still be an unremarkable or uninspiring leader.

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