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You Can’t Lead Anyone Unless You First Do This

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One of the most famous stories about Mahatma Ghandi concerns a mother who approached him with an unusual request.  Wanting to address her daughter’s eating habits, she asked, “Would you tell my little girl to stop eating so much candy.  She’s consuming far too much sugar.”

As a diabetic, I can appreciate her request.  If I was Ghandi I probably would have responded with some gentle advice for the girl or asked her father to handle it.  Another option would be to give the mother some tips she could use.  But Ghandi took a different approach.

It is said that after a brief time of contemplation, he told the concerned mom to “come back in two weeks.”

It was a confusing response and I’m sure the mother walked away disappointed and perplexed.  But undaunted, she returned in two weeks and made the same request.

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