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You Don’t Need to Be the Most Talented in Your Field to Achieve Success

Three words are enough: motivation, patience, and resilience

Source | | Sylvain Saurel

Talent makes you fantasize. Whatever your field, you may have already noticed that some individuals stand out from the rest. Without any prior work, these people already seem to have mastered everything in their field.

Talented people can do with ease what others take days, months, or even years to master.

Watching a talented person achieve what it took you months of hard work to achieve can be discouraging. Many people are discouraged. Indeed, it is tempting to think that we will never achieve success despite our best efforts.

Choosing to give up by telling yourself that you don’t have the talent to achieve success is the easy way out.

When faced with a difficulty, you should never give up. The difficulties, challenges, and problems that you will face will provide you with exceptional opportunities to reach the next level in your life.

It is only by overcoming these difficult areas that you will be able to continue to progress toward success.

If you take a closer look at the very talented people you come across in your field, you will notice that very often these people have one major flaw: they are not highly motivated. They don’t have an incredible work ethic.

You sometimes get the impression that the fact that you have been endowed by nature with an incredible talent has come with a counterpart that is difficult to bear: that of not wanting to make sufficient effort to fully exploit this talent.

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