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You Got Promoted to Be the Boss of Your Former Team. Now What?

Here's how to navigate the transition from peer to boss

Source | | Stacey Hanke

In a perfect world, promotions would come with congratulations and acceptance from  ready to follow your every decision and hang on your every word. These employees, once previous peers, would wholeheartedly believe you were the obvious choice for the leadership role you’ve acquired.

In the real world, promotions often come with challenges leaders don’t expect. Being promoted from a position of equality to one of leadership can challenge, even threaten, the influence previously established between colleagues.

According to Genesis Advisers Chairman Michael Watkins, 90 percent of mid-level executives have been promoted to lead their peers. The hardest part of  is learning to supervise former peers and friends, 20 percent of 2,200 CFOs surveyed indicate.

Communication is key to easing the transition as you step into your new role. These eight communication skills ensure promoted leaders will maintain and grow influence among those they now manage:

1. Have confidence.

You worked hard for a promotion and do not owe an apology to anyone for accomplishing your goal. Be confident in your new position and the decision your leaders made to promote you. If former peers sense any degree of uncertainty or wavering confidence, they will lack trust in your decisions and your ability to tackle your new responsibilities.

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