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You Have a Highly Analytical Mind If You Can Relate to These 10 Things

All of us use both intuitive and analytical thinking styles at times. However, some of us rely more on the analytical mind than others

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Analytical thinkers use knowledge, facts, and information to make sure they get things right. Those with an analytical mind rarely jump to conclusions. They are knowledgeable about their subject and thorough in looking at all the facts before making a decision.

Analytical thinking can also have its downsides. Some decisions are just not suited to analytical thinking. This is especially true when emotions are involved. In addition, logical thinkers can sometimes get bogged down in the detail.

Despite these downsides, analytical thinking is a key skill that can lead to better decision making.

If you can relate to these 10 things, you probably have an analytical thinking style.

1. You question everything

Analytic thinkers start by questioning everything. They do not make assumptions about a problem but start by questioning everything that is known about the issue in hand.

2. You look for evidence

While a logical thinker might start with an intuitive idea of what might be a good answer, they examine the evidence before coming to a decision. They look carefully at the facts and data before taking action.

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