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You have the RIGHT to be HERE

Source | LinkedIn : By Aiyshah Gwilliam

I think anyone who has had a dream and begun to pursue it, has confronted some issues on a personal level. If you are someone who has never worked for someone else, who has never had to fit into some other system, perhaps your issues are less, but they are few and far between, most people at least have gone to high school and understand systems. And one thing that systems tell you unconsciously is that if you don’t fit into the system, you will be expelled.

So too is the thinking of the new entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is now considered almost in the same category as the ‘artist’, the ‘village idiot’, the ‘weird one’…the list goes on. Why is this? Because as with the artist, the village idiot or the weird one, the limits are endless, the rationale illogical and the road is tough.

And yet people want it so badly. Why? Because of mainly two reasons. Firstly, the first group see the success stories and want what these people have, the Mercedes, the penthouse and all the fancy stuff. They want this because they want people to look at them and say wow, this person really is someone successful not he village idiot. Secondly, they can’t stop themselves and know deep in their heart there is nothing else they can do.

So, let’s say the second group actually are the ‘artists/village idiots/weird ones’, it sounds very similar – neither can stop themselves, they just have to be who they are and take the good and bad with it. And let’s say the people in the first group are the usual ‘wannabies’ and will exit as soon as the going gets tough.

However, there is in fact a third group too. The third group is the most interesting because these are often the ones who started off being the wannabies and ended up being the village idiots. I say this with all respect. There truly is a turning point or fork in the road that will stop the wannabie in their steps and the decision to move on will come down to one simple thing. They need to ask themselves, do they truthfully believe they have the right to be there.

This is a rather existential thing and a lot of people hate getting down to this kind of thinking, but it is more useful than you think. The whole reason why someone asks this question is because the conditioning from being ‘systemised’ is so strong that whether you can break out of that or not really will determine if you can make it alone in the entrepreneurial world or not.

For those who know deep down that they have every right to be walking down this road like anyone else, will be the ones who make that step away from convention. These are the ones who have finally found themselves in the wake of all the chaos and disillusionment of start ups. These are the ones who realise they just don’t want ot give up no matter what because this is simply who they are and thank the road to opening this up for them.

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