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YOU NEED TO SEE THIS! Motivational Speech by Simon Sinek

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Speaker – Simon Sinek
Music – Borrtex

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  1. your speech has that ability wich is needed to transform the teaches us that how can be more tenacious or more determined to get or accomplish our success and whatever we have expected from our life.thank u sir

  2. I have to finish school, because otherwise i will be in debt for like 10.000 euros. That reason still doesnt motivate me to work hard and graduate. But i want to finish school, so i can do the thing i want to do the most. I dont want to dropout in the last month from school. What can i do?

  3. I’ve spent my afternoon listening to ted talks while doing things around the house and stumbled upon this. I had no idea such a brilliant man like this exists and has been speaking out to change lives. This is amazing, he is amazing.

  4. This is absolutely amazing. These are the same teachings as Christ taught. Life is about how we can serve others as Christ served others. May GOD continue to bless you and your mission to make a change in the world.

  5. I was going to correct/critique the mistakes, but there were just too many of them. So instead, I'm just going to sum it up to this: (23:05) "More than anything else, what we want for our children is to achieve more…". Sorry, but you just violated your own advice about putting people first, instead of numbers. Quality should come before quantity. (25:36) We want to FEEL needed/valued. Sorry, but you need to know the difference between real value and apparent value. (26:35) Success does not come by yourself. It only comes in a group. (27:43) To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. Sorry again, but if your individual values don't coincide with the group's values, you really are better off alone. And trying to impose martial law, as the military does, will not fix that. Bottom line: you're screwed up.

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