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You Need to Stop Responding to Praise With “It’s No Big Deal”—Here’s How

By | April Starcadder |

Imagine this: A successful C-suite executive is being praised for her brilliant new strategy. She could respond one of two ways: with “Thank you!” or with “Eh, it was no big deal.”

Obviously you’re picturing her saying thanks and then maybe even shaking a few hands.

However, when your boss commends you for pulling an extra shift, turning in all of your work in advance of a deadline, or stepping up in some other way, you probably often reply that “It’s nothing.”

And that’s not true: It was something—something you did because you care about doing a good job. With this executive in mind, here’s how to get away from saying “It’s no big deal”—and get closer to accepting praise.

1. When Your Hard Work Is Acknowledged

You put in extra effort and you’re being praised for it. So, instead of shrugging off the recognition, Muse contributor KT Bernhagen suggests saying “Thank you.” She includes a few scenarios, including: “For a job well done: [say] ‘Thank you. I was hoping this was what you were looking for, and I really like it too.’”

A response like this is warm, and it also shows that you’re confident enough to share that you’re proud of your work.

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