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Your 2016 Step-by-Step Job Search Guide

Source | LinkedIn : By Liz Ryan

If you’re job-hunting full-time now, here’s a step-by-step guide to organize your job search activities.

If you want a new job and you’re working now, resist the urge to start throwing resumes all over the place and applying for every job you see. I understand completely why every other available job might look better to you right now than the job you’ve already got, but you have to keep in mind that what you’re selling to employers is your resume.

If you get a new job quickly but you hate that job nearly as much as you hate your current job, you’re going to end up with a string of short-term jobs on your resume.

If your resume gets damaged with a long string of going-nowhere jobs, that will hurt your efforts to get a good job that deserves you. If you can separate yourself emotionally from the job you don’t like, the one you have now, to focus on your job search and give it time, you’re likely to have more success than you’ll have with a desperation job search.

Here are the steps to getting a job that deserves your talents.

1. Look back.

Get a journal and write in it. Write about your life so far. Write about what you like to do and know you’re good at. Your career history doesn’t limit you in your job search nearly as much as most of us  have been led to believe.

You can’t practice medicine or law whenever you feel like it, but you can make a lot of other career changes without going back to school. You have to see the connection between your new, chosen career path and your old one before anyone else will see it.

Once that connection is clear and once you abandon the broken Black Hole of automated recruiting portals, your job search will get a lot easier!

2. Look forward.

Look forward at the rest of your career. What are your long-term life and career goals? The right job for you will be a job that moves you closer to your goals. Don’t take a new job because it’s ten minutes closer to your house or pays slightly more than your current job. Set your sights higher than that!

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