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‘I Just Want to Sit at the Beach and Do Nothing’: Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office Either

A new report finds most CEOs are working remotely - and many hope it stays that way

By | Madeline Garfinkle |

It’s no secret that when it comes to returning to the office, many workers are putting up a fight or quitting altogether — including those in charge.

According to a new Marcum-Hofstra Mid-Market CEO Survey, about 48% of CEOs are back in the office five days a week, while 32% are in the office three days a week or less. Ten percent of CEOs are working remotely a full five days a week.

“Whether it is COVID concerns or the impact of inflation and gas prices, it seems clear that remote work, and a hybrid schedule, in particular, is the sweet spot for many CEOs and businesses,” said K.G. Viswanathan, interim dean of the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University, in a statement.

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The pandemic changed the way we think about work, and returning to pre-pandemic ways might not be so simple. While some companies are urging workers to return to the office in a desperate attempt to “return to normal,” others are rethinking the concept of work altogether and prioritizing wellbeing over career advancement.

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