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Your co-workers don’t know what to say to you at work — so they’re googling it


  • Google search data shows that people are looking up “what to talk about at work” more than they have in the past two decades.
  • Young workers say they’ve found it hard to navigate small talk with their colleagues from different backgrounds.

After years of working from home and rarely seeing coworkers in person, some people are finding it difficult to socialize as they return to the office.

Now, a growing number of those people are turning to the internet for advice on how to break the ice with colleagues and avoid awkward silences in the break room. On Google, there has been a significant uptick in queries for the phrase, “What to talk about at work” in the past two years, according to search data.

Meanwhile, Reddit is similarly awash with recent threads dedicated to the topic, providing talking points and tips for conversation starters, including hobbies, upcoming vacation plans, food, or the king of all small talk — the weather.

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