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Your Competitiveness May Not Serve You

Source | Linkedin | By|Sue Bhatia

There is an assumption in competitiveness that there can be only one winner or that others have to lose in order for you to win. The competitive mindset embraces this assumption and perceives the world and everything within it through a zero-sum lens. This mindset can undermine innovation as it focuses on myopic targets rather than value-creation. The creative mindset, on the other hand, assumes abundance as a reality and offers alignment with that abundance as the solution. This is the mindset where anything worth having is created. The future of work is moving away from the competitive-based zero-sum model towards a creativity model. Thus, the competitive mindset may no longer benefit us.

Why a Creative Mindset is a Better Approach  

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. The competitive mindset will prepare you for a sprint, but never for a lifelong marathon. A marathon is a very personal testament to your stamina, perseverance, long term adhering to the laws of the universe, and a deep connection to your inner power. When you embrace a creative mindset, you also embrace a generosity that makes you approachable, empathetic, and confident. It does not originate in insecurity and thus does not focus on growth in relation to others success. Instead, it is a better way to approach the problems you face at both the team and the individual level.


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