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Your corporate culture will define the future of your company

Source | LinkedIn | Fabio Moioli | Head Consulting & Services @Microsoft. Faculty @Harvard, SingularityU, MIP – Artificial & Human Intelligences – AI TEDx

Culture is defined as the values, beliefs, and assumptions shared by the members of a group. Company culture, therefore, is the shared values, practices and beliefs of the company’s employees.

While you cannot see or touch a culture, it is strongly present in the artifacts, behaviors, and metrics of the members of the organization. From hiring practices to how people work, make decisions, resolve differences of opinions, and navigate change, the culture defines the unwritten but very real rules of behavior.

Company’s values are the core of its culture. While a vision articulates a company’s purpose, values offer a set of guidelines on the behaviors and mindsets needed to achieve that vision. The oft-repeated phrase, “culture eats strategy for lunch,” offers the important cautionary advice to ignore culture at your peril.

As a matter of facts, there are very clear benefits to having a strong, unified company culture underlying your business’s operations. For starters, culture contributes to the identify and values of your company. For example, if your corporate culture is one that prioritizes setting and meeting goals, your individual workers will be more likely to set and meet goals of their own. It’s a good way to set and maintain the direction of your employees, and without it, it’s hard to keep your company’s values coherent.

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