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Your Job as a Leader Is to Bring out the Greatness in Others

Source | LinkedIn | Tim Denning | Viral Blogger | Leader | Sales Professional – Inspiring The World Through Personal Development & Entrepreneurship

The meaning of leadership, as a kid, was always conveyed to me as a way to better one’s life or reach a new level of success.

Leaderships was always about what it meant for the leader. When I became a leader and started reading many books on the subject, such as “Tribal Leadership,” I quickly learned that being a leader had nothing to do with my own success or career progression.

The measuring stick of a leader is the impact they have on others and the impact they have on people they lead indirectly as well as directly.

If you want the title of ‘leader,’ you must remember that with it comes the responsibility to help others achieve their version of greatness.

The crazy part is that often the greatness you help your team realize is something they are not even aware of.

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