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Your Journey is the Destination

Source | Linkedin | Sue Bhatia | Founder and Chairwoman

“Life is a journey, not a destination” – Lynn H. Hough

Our lives are often spent in perpetual pursuit. We strive to attain certain milestones and work towards important goals such as graduating from college, landing your dream job, being promoted, buying a house, and the list goes on. Too often, we get caught up in the belief that the goals themselves are what will make us feel content. We can’t see the forest for the trees. If we could just step back and view the process of attaining the goals, we would recognize the beauty of the journey we are currently on. If we did this, we would see the present moment as the most precious thing we have.

Throughout our lives we feel that we are traveling towards a destination. Career goals are worthy of the time and energy we put into them. Often we myopically strive towards career goals that, once attained, are replaced by the next goal. The goal posts continue to change, but we wind up not paying attention to everything in between. Milestones are beautiful, but there is so much completeness in the journey that unfolds as we work to meet our life and career goals.

Society has glamorized the destination as a status symbol. We look at role models elevated by the media who have “made it” – often times achieving fame or celebrity status. This glamorization ignores all the many lives led by people who are incredibly successful and fulfilled but who are working in unglamorous careers or living quiet lives. Glamorization causes us to ignore the beauty of our journey that leads us to a successful life, whether in the limelight or not.

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