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Your Life Arc

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The arc is chronological from birth to death and will tell your story, most importantly what’s likely to come at you and how to manage it. By doing this exercise, your particular life arc picture will emerge.

To get oriented, imagine roughly where you are on that arc. You don’t have to be precise because life isn’t precise. Unless you have some reason to believe otherwise, assume that you will live to be about 80 give or take a decade and that you start at 0 (or look at these probabilities.) That will show about how much you have left. Now let’s explore what it will be like.

As I see it, most lives can be divided into three big phases with two transitions between them as shown in the chart below. In the first phrase, we are dependent on others and we learn; in the second, others are dependent on us and we work; in the third, when others no longer depend on us and we no longer work, we are free to savor life until we die. While you can postpone or hasten your movement into the phases, you will inevitably go through each of them which are unimaginably different from each other. Because they are so different, let’s reflect on them and the transitions between them. 

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