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Your social media footprint is your new resume

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist

Your social media presence is is becoming the most powerful determinant of your job prospects. It is more important than your resume. Most people are BAD at predicting a candidate’s performance by interviews. The half life of skills is getting shorter. New jobs are coming up. Your social media presence can be used to create your personality profile. These reflect more stable traits like ability to learn, motivation and people skills. Personality is probably a better predictor of your success than what people put on their resume. 

There is inaccurate and sometimes fake information in people’s resumes. That when combined with poor skills at predicting performance from candidate interviews, means most hiring is a hit or miss situation.

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Humantic.Ai is doing just that. LinkedIn posts and blogs that you write may be a predictor of your skills. They take the text from what is in public domain (yes, be very careful about what you write on social media). This can tell the recruiter elements of your personality. 

Some assessments using text written by the candidate may also detect signs of depression. The tests often give away more than what the employer needs to know. These raise ethical issues. What to do with that information. But one 

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