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If You’re Not Doing These Things Now, You’re Not Doing Business Right

By | Susan Ranford

In today’s business world, companies are taking what they know and running with it to better their businesses and give them an advantage over their competitors. No matter how many people work for your company, there should be a constant flow of improvement from everyone involved.

Much has changed over the years, and there isn’t just one way to do any job anymore. Although the year is almost over, it’s not too late to improve your business.

Communicate Quickly and Truthfully with Customers

Customers want answers fast. Not only that, but they want, and expect to get answers as soon as possible. Keeping your customers happy will give you a good reputation. If you have a customer who is unhappy with your service, the news will spread like wildfire on the internet.

If you have a bunch of bad reviews, it’s likely no one will trust doing business with you, and that can hurt you eventually. If you’re not responding to your negative and positive mentions on social media, you need to get on that ASAP.

Try Keeping Interruptions to a Minimum

It’s possible that your staff might get easily distracted throughout the workday, especially if they do a lot of computer work. Constantly sending your employee’s emails throughout the day, or chatting with them through other communication tools can be a constant distraction.

This isn’t true for every type of employee, but you should be mindful that not all employees work the same. It is important they have plenty of time during the day to get all of their work done well. This might mean you have to set up assigned times to meet with them, or chat with them during lunch. Whatever the case is, your employees need time to focus on their work, and that is their main priority.

Automate Where You Can Afford To

The age of automation is upon us and businesses that embrace new technology will win out in the end. Companies can save money by automating parts of their employee’s jobs.

This also helps the work get done more quickly and efficiently, and cuts down on those pesky human errors. For example, if your business has a high volume of invoices going out every month, try using AP automation software to make it more efficient. If project management is falling behind, think about software to track end-to-end services. These systems will allow your staff to do things that make your business better, instead of simply doing the things that are needed to stay in business.

It doesn’t mean replacing your employees with machines, but simply giving them the tools to do things that are more productive and relevant to your company’s success.

Make Sure Everything Is Protected and Backed Up

For a lot of emerging companies, data is their primary asset. This needs to be protected from threats, backed up, and able to be recovered easily.

Even companies that exist outside of the software and technology spaces should at least be backing up their data. This is a pain point for a lot of growing businesses. As their business expands, there’s more at risk. It’s good to use software that can scale along with a business’ needs for backup and recovery.

Especially with valuable customer information, any modern business needs to be ensuring protection and backup.

Be Sure to Include your Employees in Any Changes

Employees will benefit from technological advances, and other changes in more ways than they think. It is possible employees will learn more than before, since they will have more time to devote to their job.

By keeping your employees up to speed, they will feel secure and determined in their job. Employees wants to feel appreciated and noticed for their hard work, if they feel out of the loop, it’s likely they will suffer. If your employees are feeling good, they will work harder, and they company overall will be better.

Training Young Workers to Lead

Millennials are willing to work hard and they aren’t afraid of the consequences. By teaching the younger staff all of the things you wish you knew at their age, they will be destined to succeed.

Don’t take it easy on them, they want to learn all you can teach them. It’s likely you will end up hiring a lot of millennials, they are the largest majority of population in the United States. If you aren’t teaching them all you can and helping them be the best leader they can be, the future of your company can be in trouble.

Embrace Changing Technology

Sustaining your business for the future is going to be a long process that doesn’t happen overnight. Investments in automation can help you from long term costs associated with hiring staff to perform menial and low-skill tasks, and it will also get things done faster. That means you can produce the same results in a fraction of the time. The advantages of this are endless.

Lower utility costs, payroll costs, increased productivity and output are just a few of the advantages you will get from automating. It is a way that you can get the most out of your resources and compete on a global market. You will need to utilize all forms of assistance you can and embrace change rather than avoid it.


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