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Youth shaping climate change response with innovative thinking: Indra Nooyi

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Encouraging the younger generation to take charge and own the future of the planet, Pepsico’s former CEO Indra Nooyi has said the youths have begun to shape the response to climate change and water security through their innovative thinking and appetite for risk.

“We witnessed a clear shift in the role the younger generations play. Rest assured, you not just have a voice, but that voice is being heard by the right people in the right place and in a way that is now leading to action, the 65-year-old Indian-American business executive said at the virtual Water and Climate Change: Risk and Resilience’ event last week.

Nooyi underlined that with their innovative thinking, can-do attitude and appetite for risk, which many people in the older generations just don’t have, the younger generation “has begun to act on and shape the response to climate, water security.”

” I encourage you to take charge and own the future of the planet and the well being of your brothers and sisters around the world,” she said at the event, organised by global non-profit organisation Safe Water Network.

Nooyi stressed that the magnitude of the combined challenges are much too great and the need for solutions is so urgent that there should be no territoriality for ideas on water and climate security.

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