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Yuvaraj Srivastava, Group CHRO, MakeMyTrip, ETHRWorld |

<p>Yuvaraj Srivastava, Group CHRO, MakeMyTrip</p>
Yuvaraj Srivastava, Group CHRO, MakeMyTrip

Creating a culture of continuous learning and upskilling is becoming an imperative that fosters growth and agility within an organisation. It begins by instilling the belief that learning is not just a one-time event but an ongoing journey!

Surveys have also said that companies are now encouraging employees to take the ownership of their upskilling needs and providing them with the resources and opportunities to learn the essential skills.

For this, leaders play a crucial role in setting an example by actively engaging in their own learning journeys and showcasing the value of continuous improvement.

In this context, and to understand more about the L&D trends, ETHRWorld interacted with Yuvaraj Srivastava, Group CHRO, MakeMyTrip, at ETHRWorld Future Skills Conference 2023 held recently in Gurugram.

What strategies has your company used to promote continuous learning and upskilling, and have you seen positive impacts?

I feel that continuous learning happens best when people have the freedom to pursue their own interests and learning paths. If we impose rigid methodologies and learning modules on people, it creates resistance, and hinders their natural desire to learn.

So, to ensure a culture of continuous learning in our organisation, we understand that it is crucial to empower individuals to choose what they want to learn and how they want to grow their careers.

As an organisation, our…

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