Zero-Cost Marketing Strategies That Provide Instant Traction

Most brands are often hunting for new ideas to grow their revenue using free marketing strategies, here are three convincing strategies that are proven to get any brand instant traction and a boost in revenue

By | Pierre Subeh |

New marketing strategies come and go all the time. There is always something new to test out and try, but many brands quickly revert to the proven strategies that produce results month after month, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google pay-per-click advertising, Facebook ads, and occasionally email marketing.

The “OG” marketing strategies will always drive results, but brands that rely solely on those and don’t test new trends will never realize their full potential. While many marketing trends eventually slow down and lose their effectiveness with time, some hidden gems can drive fast results if you strike while they are hot.

Knowing where to allocate your marketing budget can be tricky, and if you go big on a marketing strategy that ends up failing, you can miss out on revenue opportunities had you pushed those marketing dollars into your tried and true campaigns.

When you hit a winning trend, the return exceeds far beyond just revenue. You gain valuable brand exposure and acquire new customers that you can market to in the future, but also increase your valuation as a company. My marketing firm, X Network, specializes in SEO and paid advertising, and we have proven case studies about this topic. We are constantly innovating new strategies and marketing angles for brands of all sizes, from new direct-to-consumer products to worldwide household brands. Here are a few marketing strategies that you can try out that will cost you nothing and have delivered some outstanding results for our clients:

Cause-Driven Campaigns and Purpose-Driven Initiatives

We began experimenting with purpose-driven marketing campaigns during the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. With consumers at home and looking for outlets to stay entertained and distracted, it naturally opened the door to online sales.

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